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2014-12-19 New: Release V1.41.0 containing new emoticons, like the '(xmas)' smiley.

2014-10-01 Announcement: In few weeks the shop will be available in English. Stay tuned!

2014-09-01 New: Our Cheeky Stuff shop is finally at your service! (Currently German only)

Cheeky Theme

Cheeky Animated 3D Puppet-Look Smileys

The Cheeky theme is a cross-product set of emoticons compatible with many popular instant messaging software like Pidgin and AQQ.It is provided as a free Open Source product designed and coded completely by inviticon. It consists of lots of funny 3D animated smileys, rendered using a real physics engine producing really neat gravity, wind, lighting, hair and facial expression. Updates are released every week, including more smileys, more improvements, more fun... So stay tuned for more!

Stefanie Karg - Design
Markus Karg - Coding